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Divorce and Separation

Perhaps the most wrenching decision any couple or individual will have to make, divorce by definition leaves one alone and vulnerable. The problems which must be addressed and the decisions, large and small, which must be made, are often difficult, complex, and emotional.

In such a situation you need a trusted ally, sensitive to your unique situation and skilled in understanding, explaining , and, if necessary, advocating for your legal rights. Mr. Borst has the experience, understanding and creativity to ensure that the process minimizes further trauma and stress, while he assists you in making decisions and planning for the future.

Our philosophy is to seek constructive means of dispute resolution for our clients whenever possible. In more cases than might be suspected, cooperation and negotiation will lead to mutually acceptable agreements. Many clients choose to pursue divorce settlement via alternative Consensual Dispute Resolution processes such as Mediation or Collaborative Practice, and Tom Borst has the specialized training and experience to guide you through these procedures to settlement. We also provide representation for clients choosing the more traditional 'adversarial model' of divorce. Here, skilled negotiation can resolve most disputes and allow our clients to stay out of court and get on with their lives. If litigation in court is required, our extensive experience helps many clients to a successful outcome. The ultimate objective is to assure that adults and children alike emerge from the divorce process "winners," capable of moving forward with their lives, confident that legal concerns stand fully addressed and fairly resolved.

All cases are handled with the same professionalism, thoroughness and adherence to the highest ethical standards that have become the hallmark of our firm.
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